Mastering Your First Driving Lesson: Top Tips for New Learners

Mastering Your First Driving Lesson: Top Tips for New Learners

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Embarking on your first driving lesson is an exciting step toward gaining freedom and independence. However, it also comes with a great deal of responsibility that can be overwhelming for new learner drivers. The thought of taking control of a car might seem daunting initially, leading to feelings of nervousness. But rest assured, a qualified driving instructor can put you in the right frame of mind, boost your confidence, and equip you with the necessary skills to navigate the road safely. 

Before your first driving lesson, it's a great idea to gather some tips to prepare you for the experience. This article offers 7 essential tips to alleviate any anxieties you might have.

Tips for a Successful First Driving Lesson

  1. Prioritise Sleep
    Getting 7-9 hours of sleep before your first driving lesson is essential. It ensures you remain energetic, alert, and prepared for any challenges that may arise. Research suggests that adequate sleep is vital for "procedural memory," which helps you learn skills like driving a car.
  2. Familiarise Yourself with the Car's Layout
    Before your first lesson, become familiar with the layout of a car. While car layouts can vary, they share common components such as the accelerator pedal, brake pedal, steering wheel, indicators, rearview mirrors, and dashboard instrument panel. If you're driving a manual car, practice with the clutch and gear stick. 
    If you'll be using an instructor's car for the lesson, you can check your EzLicence account to find out the make and model in advance.
  3. Stay Hydrated and Nourished
    Staying hydrated and well-fed is vital for optimal performance and concentration during your driving lesson. Ensure you've had enough to eat, so you're not worrying about hunger while learning to drive. Bring a water bottle with you for easy access during the lesson.
  4. Wear Suitable Clothing and Shoes
    Comfort is key when it comes to your clothing and shoes. Avoid wearing uncomfortable shoes that restrict your movement between the brake and accelerator. Comfortable clothes that allow free arm and leg movement and make it easier to check over your shoulder are ideal. Flipflops are not recommended footwear for your driving lesson.
  5. Stay Focused
    New drivers often feel a rush of excitement that can make it hard to focus.  Maintain focus on the road, the dashboard indicators, and potential hazards. Your instructor will guide you, so pay attention to their instructions and suggestions. Take it one step at a time and prioritise listening to your instructor.
  6. Stay Relaxed
    Remember, your first driving lesson is a learning experience, not a test. You're there to learn and familiarise yourself with the basics. Don't fear making mistakes – learning from them is an essential part of the process.
  7. Ask Questions
    Don't hesitate to ask questions. Your instructor is there to guide you through the learning process and answer any queries you may have.


Your first driving lesson should be an exciting and enriching experience. By following these 7 tips, you can reduce anxiety and boost your confidence. Your instructor will provide guidance and support, ensuring you start your driving journey on the right foot. 

Good luck with your first driving lesson, and remember that learning is a process – don't be afraid to ask questions and seek guidance when needed.

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